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The power of a genuine thank you

Say thank you to your customers.

You don’t need to be clever or coy. You don’t need to pretend that it isn’t a salesperson-customer relationships. You don’t need to hide the fact that you’re grateful for their business and you’d like them to come back and buy more.

It’s still nice, it’s still appreciated, and it’s still effective.

A note from that former colleague Katie Crain received, that motivated her to share it here:

Hey Andy,

Destination Maternity - JessiI just received the best piece of mail I’ve gotten all month.  I assumed it was some silly flyer from the chain retail store I visited when I purchased some maternity clothes. Instead I found a hand written note from the sales associate thanking me for my business, wishing my luck on the new class I’m teaching, and inviting me back to the store in the future. Shopping for maternity clothes isn’t the best as it’s hard to find things that fit, hard to spend money on things you’re only go to wear for a few months, and generally taxing. Now, I can’t imagine shopping anywhere else for my maternity clothes! 


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