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The proper way to blow a customer’s mind

Wake up every day thinking about how you can deliver OMG service like this:

Shandi, a customer service rep at saw this message on a customer survey:

“Other than delivering flowers and bon-bons to my desk, you guys can’t do anything else to improve your customer service. I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve referred your way because of your stellar customer support. Above and beyond–always. I’m almost excited when something goes on the fritz because you all are so good to talk to. Hmm, that sounded kind of late-night QVC-caller weird, didn’t it. Sorry.” – Kat

Shandi decided that we will do just that — send Kate flowers and bon-bons. Kate’s reply:


One moment of great service, one happy customer, 1,318 Facebook likes (so far), and blog posts like this one. Why spend money on silly ads when you can spend it on make people really happy and earning priceless word of mouth?

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