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The secret to happiness: Take out the garbage before your spouse asks

A customer calls you up when they have a problem. If it’s complicated, it’s going to take a few calls to get it fixed.

If the customer has to call you back again — they’ll be angry. Every additional call = more anger.

If you call the customer back — they’ll be happy. If you work on the problem, and call the customer as you work to give status updates, they’ll be even happier.

The interesting thing is that the cost to provide this great service is the same to the company. Same work, same number of calls.

Everyone should open an account at Fidelity just to experience this kind of great customer service.

We rolled over a complicated mess of retirement funds, and the service they provided was legendary. We called them up, explained the problem, and they said “we’re on it.” Over the course of a week, people called us back, checked in regularly, and got the problem fixed. Our former provider would have let us stew and scream (even if they were working on the problem).

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