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The single best feature in any software …

… is a company that talks to their customers, asks what they want, and implements it.

We love:

  • Central Desktop: I love that Isaac Garcia, Arnulf Hsu, and Dustin Turner will get on the phone and debate pros and cons of new features with us. We do it all the time, and what we ask for gets implemented amazingly fast. 
  • RegOnline: CEO Attila Safari asks what we like, and everyone is always happy to help us try something new. 
  • FreshBooks: Saul Colt lives online and makes people happy all day long.  He knows what we want.

So many giant software companies spend a fortune in research, when they could get better information from a few phone calls.

Lesson:  How much time do your senior people spend talking to real customers?  If you aren’t doing it, your competitors are.

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