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There’s no AND in BRAND #3

Shelley Ryan just left MarketingProfs to start her own business.

Should could have set out to be an event producer. She’d be great at it.

And she’d be one of a zillion great event producers.

imageBut Shelley did the right thing: She picked a narrow, focused, SINGLE thing for her brand: She does “killer webinars.”


  • She’s instantly the one you call first when you need a webinar
  • She can get a great domain that explains what she does —
  • Everyone knows how to support her with word of mouth. “Oh, call Shelley — she does killer webinars.”

Someday she can expand into general events – but then she’s just another event planner again.

She says it right here:

I haven’t noticed too many Webinar Gurus out there, have you? There must be room for one more of those because I see a lot of lousy online presentations, overly confident web conferencing vendors, buyer confusion, and technical meltdowns.

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