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Thinking about Things Remembered

I wrote a post a few months ago about the absurd (and self-defeating) flood of emails from Things Remembered.

Things Remembered for KurtThinking more about that post, while the email flood continued, I finally figured out what bothered me most:

Lack of storytelling and personalization.

This is a company that sells personalized gifts. Everything they do is about creating something unique and a gift for a special moment.

There is so much storytelling they could do: Personal stories of family moments, career milestones, team victories, happy anniversaries, and other special times. They should be giving prizes for gifts that are funniest, most original, and most touching. They should be celebrating their customers.

You would eagerly open every email, anticipating an emotional story.

Most email marketers are so caught up in data and response rates that they forget to do this. Most social media marketers are so focused on new technology and follower counts that they forget that it’s about having a conversation with real people.

Great writers are storytellers. You should hire one.

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