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This chocolate has a story. What’s yours?

"Must's chocolatiers select different origins of cacao to create the perfect match for many fine wine varieties." A chocolate that is made to be paired with wines. That's an idea that you can market. 

There are a zillion new chocolate bars created every year. They all look the same on the racks at the grocery store. 

The only way to compete is to have a story, an angle, a unique selling proposition.

I don't care what you sell — you absolutely must have something unique to talk about. If it isn't unique, you'll never break through the noise.


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  1. Peter Fields September 16, 2009 at 1:22 pm #


    Don’t give this product the credit as being a “first-in category.” The San Francisco Chocolate Company, Brix Chocolate for Wine and Hersheys have been doing this pairing for YEARS. Check out their respective websites.


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