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Watch me dance: This is exactly the right way to get word of mouth

The last few months at and have been amazing, but I need a break. While I’m on vacation this week, I’m sharing a few classic posts with you. This one is from February of 2010:

image After every Broadway performance of Hair, the audience is invited on stage to dance the last song. The dance is filmed and posted online the same night. Audience members can tag themselves and share the video on Facebook.

Folks, this is genius word of mouth marketing at its very best:

  1. It makes the fans the stars, not the company
  2. It gives a compelling, fun reason to share — “Hey, I’m on Broadway!”
  3. It’s immediate and relevant
  4. There’s a fresh blast of word of mouth every single night
  5. It’s easy to share — just one click to Facebook
  6. It’s cheap: Camera + website
  7. It’s completely freakin’ awesome

Look at these amazing comments:



  • Find your fans (they are probably standing right in front of you)
  • Do something fun (keep it simple)
  • Make it easy for the fans to share.

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