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This is how you create raving fans

I went into Michael’s to get new glass for a framed picture. I had all the measurements. I just wanted the glass.

The clerk said, “I want to install it for you, for free, so we can make sure it looks great. Also, did you know we have some coupons for this today?” Gold star, my friend!

Do you and your team:

  • Insist on going the extra mile?
  • Offer more than is asked?
  • Care about getting the job done right?
  • Give every customer the best deal?

Do you think about:

  • How to get every customer to walk out the door and tell all their friends how fantastic you are?
  • How you’re going to earn the word of mouth referrals that pay for the extra effort?
  • How much happier you will be working at a company that people love to talk about?

(Learn to do this and hang out with extraordinary people who care deeply about customers at my Word of Mouth Crash Course.)

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