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Too many choices

More choice doesn't mean more sales.  Instead, it often frustrates customers and sends them to a competitor.

Canon offers 20 models of small digital cameras. How different can they be?

Dell offer 6 lines of consumer laptops in 14 variations, every one customizable beyond the 4 choices they suggest.  (Plus business, small business technical, and ruggedized lines.)  Apple has S, M, and L.

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It's getting too hard to shop. We have too much stress in our lives. So what do we do — we chose the company that makes the choice easier.  It's not worth the mental anguish of figuring it out, and then worrying that we made the wrong choice. 

Before you plan your next new product or line extension, ask: Would we sell more if we removed a product?

Listen to Barry Schwartz explain via TED Talks:

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