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Toobee, the Amazing Flying Can

When I was about 10 years old, my Dad brought home a
Toobee. It looks like half a soda can –
and it flies like mega-Frisbee. You can
get 100 yards easy on these things. A
cool toy.

Last month I met Peter Gorman and Greg Stromberg at the CMO
summit. When I mentioned that I was looking for a crazy stunt for my keynote
speech at eBay Live. They jumped at the
opportunity – and send 700 Toobees with a fun sticker that promoted my book and
the Toobees.

It was a huge hit – people were thrilled, the speech was
fun, everyone was throwing Toobees, and word of mouth for Toobee was
phenomenal. I’ve sent a bunch of leads
for bulk sales to them, with more on the way. (You should get a case for your next corporate event.)


1. Purposeless
fun and silliness is important. It
relaxes people and gets them talking.

2. Be
ready for spontaneity – you never know when your next big promo opportunity is
coming from.

Check out Toobee here. And watch these videos.

Thank you Greg & Peter!

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