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Toodle-oo, WaMu

I’m really sad to see Washington Mutual get swallowed up by Chase.  It’s a shame that screw-ups on the mortgage side have hurt one of greatest retail banking operations ever created.

Washington Mutual’s customer service in the branches is the best I’ve ever received from any bank, ever.  Somehow, WaMu has 2,000 branches and they still remember my kids’ names.  (Special thanks to Tom Ching for amazing support … I hope your job is secure.)

Chase: Don’t mess this up.  You have an amazing opportunity to learn how customer service should be done.  I’m not optimistic, but I hope you recognize what an rare learning experience this can be.  Chase: If you can add WaMu’s service ethic to your existing strength, you’ll be the greatest bank ever created.

Yes, I take this one personally. I left Chase for WaMu years ago, and wrote about it in my book.   

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