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Top 30 questions from social media marketers

MotiveQuest, a social intelligence company (and client), has compiled a list of the top 30 questions marketers ask of their social media research.

motivequest2Interestingly, the question that most social listening dashboards are designed to answer — “what are people saying about my brand?” — didn’t crack the top 50. The top concerns were comparing their brand to their competition (37%) and what their customers care about most in the category (27%). Click the graph for a close-up.

The top 30 social media questions from marketers:

1.    Where are people talking about my brand?
2.    How should I change my messaging?
3.    How much buzz do I have vs. competition/trend?
4.    How do they feel about us vs. the competition?
5.    Quantify the biggest brand topics
6.    What are the biggest category topics?
7.    What are they saying about my brand organically?
8.    How does my advocacy compare?
9.    What features matter most?
10.    What are the biggest areas of category sentiment?
11.    How do my features compare with competition?
12.    Can you analyze my Facebook activity vs. competition?
13.    How should I change my product/service?
14.    What brand topics are trending?
15.    What are the underlying category motivations?
16.    Can you compare buzz by media channel?
17.    Can you analyze my Twitter activity vs. competition?
18.    Who are the influencers in my category?
19.    What are the biggest influencer topics?
20.    What category topics are trending?
21.    What drives advocacy?
22.    How do my motivations compare?
23.    What are the good value drivers that matter most in my category?
24.    How is advocacy trending?
25.    What are people linking to?
26.    Can you analyze my YouTube activity vs. competition?
27.    Can you analyze my Flickr activity vs. competition?
28.    Can you analyze the top bloggers?
29.    Is there a crisis on the horizon?
30.    Can you analyze my Foursquare activity vs. competition?


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