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Transparency = Support

image How do you get people to care about their local government? Show them how it really works.

Lee County, FL gives a 5-day free course/tour where residents can see every major department of the local government. Recycling plants, court offices, transit department, morgue … everything.

It’s one thing for people to complain about the cost or quality of government services. It’s another thing when they understand the effort and complexity involved.

Do the same thing for your customers. Give them the behind-the-scenes tour. Give it to your biggest fans — and your biggest critics. They’ll both love you for it.

(This is why I got so much out of my night on the U.S.S. Nimitz and tours of the Zappos fulfillment center.)

Lesson: More transparency = more support. If your customers don’t give you credit for the work you do, let them inside.

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