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Trevor, the Mento’s Intern

Tell Trevor to jump in a lake.

Right now you can go to and see Trevor. You can give him a task. You can make him do stupid things.  And he will do it, live and on the web.

Fun, fun, funny.  Mento’s knows how to cultivate and participate in a consumer fad better than most. 

It’s a great stunt, but what makes it all the better is that they get all the viral best practices right:  Videos are sharable on YouTube, there is a blog, MySpace and Facebook profiles, tell-a-friend forms, etc.  They invested in a clever site … and then made sure that anyone who wants to participate can do it wherever, however they want.

When the crazy Mentos/Diet Coke fad hit, Mentos jumped in and started supporting and promoting it.  Coke hesitated.  Mentos got a ton of publicity and brand promotion, virtually for free.

The lesson:  When real consumers are having fun with you, join in.

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