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Turn visiting your business into a special occasion

Kids Shoe-tying ClassYou can advertise all day long hoping to push people into your business. You can nag, and annoy, and scream. It’s expensive, and it doesn’t work very well.

Or you can give people reasons to want to come into your business. You can get them to ask for it and actually make a special trip out of visiting you. This works much better.

Great example: Nordstrom’s shoe store offers a shoe-tying class.

Parents are thrilled for the help, kids are proud to show off their new skills, and the store gets new customers at the age where they are growing fast and replacing lots of shoes. Plus: This is a reason to tell your friends to come to the store.

Lesson: You can try dozens of inexpensive stunts for less than the cost of a single ad. Try it.

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