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Twitter is a weird thing

But useful.

If you follow enough people, here’s what you get

  1. A true sense of what’s going on out there
  2. Early links to news (before it shows up in the alerts from major media)
  3. Links to the greatest blog posts that you would have missed
  4. A lot of silliness
  5. A sense of community. It’s like a non-stop happy hour.

It’s one of those you-just-gotta-try-it things.  So try it for 2 weeks.  I went from skeptical to a fan.

Remember, you have to follow a lot of people or it doesn’t do much. So find someone you like and follow them, then follow who they follow.

Start with me:

(More from Jeremiah)

Update: Added the Twitter application to my Facebook page. Now I’m getting a ton more Facebook messages. In a good way

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