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We need an Operations Director in Austin

My company, GasPedal, and its brands, and, are growing fast. And we’re looking for talented, passionate people to join our team in Austin and Chicago.

We’re hiring an Operations Director at It’s a fantastic place to work: interesting work, a meaningful mission, and positive culture.

I’d be grateful if you could share the opening with any superstars you know who might be looking for a fulfilling job. Details here.

About the job: is looking for an experienced Operations Director to lead general business operations, manage the Operations Team, and take responsibility for the hundreds of little things that keep a fast-moving company running. You’re a doer, builder, and teacher who wants to help everyone at our company work their best by removing obstacles, building systems, and keeping us at peak performance. You’re the proven office linchpin and leader who everyone can count on to keep an organization running smoothly. You know what it takes to run a great back office — and you’ve seen it all before. You define your success as helping other people win.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Business Operations Generalist who knows a little bit about all the things that keep a company moving.
  • Great Team Manager who motivates and manages our impressive, positive-attitude, service-driven team.
  • Traffic Manager who coordinates the workflow and removes roadblocks around changing needs and priorities.
  • Responsible Leader who delivers results and takes ownership of it until it’s done.
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