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We’re hiring: Join the Community Team

Work with social media leaders at the world’s greatest brands.

What we do:

At, we help the heads of social media at big companies be great at what they do. Our members are the largest brands in the world, and you’ll work with their social media teams every day.

We run a community just for them, where they help each other make social media work inside big business. We facilitate conversations, build relationships, and bring them together online and in person. We help them help each other.

Why we do it:

We believe that companies that learn to engage and communicate with their customers in social media are more successful and have more meaningful businesses. That’s because companies using social media treat us better: They learn to care, to listen, to make better products, and to better serve their customers. The people who step up to lead these initiatives inside big companies have a tough job. We help these good guys win by surrounding them with a community of peers who understand their challenges and support them.

If you have the skills and the passion, we have a place for you.

We’re looking for great communicators who love the social media business, connecting with people, and helping them solve problems. Bonus points if you’ve got experience working for political offices, campaigns, grassroots organizing, associations, member recruiting, business development, non-profits, alumni relations, or donor development.

(Note: We’re not social media marketers, consultants, or an agency. We don’t do social media campaigns, strategy, or training. If you want to do social media, this isn’t the right job for you. You won’t get to blog or do social media marketing. But, if you want to facilitate a community of people helping each other do social media, you’ll love it here.)

All the details are here or you can forward this handy .pdf to your friends.

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