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We’re opening up an Austin office

I’m excited to announce that my companies, GasPedal and the Social Media Business Council, will be opening up an Austin office and I’ll be moving down there this summer.

Our Chicago office remains home base. All of our awesome people are still here. Kurt Vanderah is stepping into the role of General Manager for the Chicago office (congrats, Kurt!). We’ll be a two-office company, hiring and expanding in both locations.


  • Austin is booming and it’s a great town for small business.
  • The social media/startup scene is very hot there and we want to share in that energy.
  • I’ve been in big cities for the last 20 years, but I grew up in Milwaukee and want to raise the kids the way I grew up.
  • Better BBQ. (Sorry, Chicago.)

We’ll be hiring all sorts of folks (in both cities), especially social-media-savvy salespeople and community managers, a COO, and the world’s greatest executive admin. It’s a little early, but feel free to contact me and tell your friends.

P.S. Anyone want to trade houses? 60614 for 78731?

P.P.S. Time to dust off the vintage Tony Lamas!

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