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What would happen if we left a bunch of chairs all over New York, free for the taking?

imageFurniture maker Blu Dot got widespread press coverage for a fantastic stunt that asked that question.

  • They installed hidden GPS devices in 24 chairs.
  • They put the chairs all over New York City.
  • The GPS devices were activated when the chairs were moved.

Here’s what happened:

More from the Wall Street Journal:

All told, Blu Dot believes the experiment generated nearly 60 million Web impressions, including blogs and Twitter posts. Unique visitors to its site tripled in the first few days of the experiment. Blu Dot, which brings in less than $100 million in annual sales, won’t say how much it spent on the campaign, but sales director Medora Danz said the company was happy with what resulted.

There was some concern it wouldn’t make an impression beyond “design hipsters,” but Blu Dot found it was getting attention from the tech community, including Fast Company and a security blog.

Read the full story here.

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