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What took you so long?

Everyone’s been asking me why I haven’t been blogging for the last few years.  Considering that I’ve been a fairly high profile participant in promoting blogging and developing ethics codes for business that blog, my absence has been noticed.

It was a simple thing.

My full-time job was being the head of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, a non-profit organization (WOMMA).  I believe that a key responsibility that comes with that job is to  be the voice of the members.  Personal opinion should stay in the background.  So I stayed quiet.

Plus, there would have been no way to separate my personal writing from official industry policy.  Every statement would have been interpreted as a hint about WOMMA policy. It’s sort of like how anyone who word for the Federal Reserve has to watch anything they say.

Of course, that’s all done now.  So you get me, unfiltered.

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