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What’s your Walk Score?

image My neighborhood is one of the most walkable in the country.  Walkable areas are healthier, more fun, and better for the environment. I expect lots of real estate agents will sell walkability as a major selling feature soon. Read the criteria for a good walk score:

  • A center: Walkable neighborhoods have a discernable center, whether it’s a shopping district, a main street, or a public space. 
  • Density: The neighborhood is compact enough for local businesses to flourish and for public transportation to run frequently. 
  • Mixed income, mixed use: Housing is provided for everyone who works in the neighborhood: young and old, singles and families, rich and poor. Businesses and residences are located near each other. 
  • Parks and public space: There are plenty of public places to gather and play. 
  • Pedestrian-centric design: Buildings are placed close to the street to cater to foot traffic, with parking lots relegated to the back. 
  • Nearby schools and workplaces: Schools and workplaces are close enough that most residents can walk from their homes.


Thanks to Carl Bialik of the Wall Street Journal

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