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When am I going to review this backpack?


I’ve had it for years. It’s as good as new, after non-stop daily use. I love it.

But after all this time, what would make me wake up and say, “Today is the day I’m going to the Timbuk2 website to write a review!”

This is a huge word of mouth challenge: Your happiest customers are least likely to post a review. (And angry customers are always ready to act.)

So what do you do? A few ideas:

  • Stay in touch. Get new customers to subscribe to an email newsletter, become a Facebook fan, etc.
  • Regularly mention that reviews matter to you, and you’re grateful for the support.
  • Just ask. Every so often, it’s OK to ask for a review.
  • Be grateful.
Your fans will be happy to support you, but they need a reminder.


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