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When someone wants to bring in dozens of customers — will you say yes?

Laura van Straaten saw someone save a life on an NYC sidewalk with CPR. The amazing experience inspired her to take classes to learn the live-saving skill — but after searching in vain for a course that was convenient and inexpensive, she decided to do something more ambitious: Make it easier for everyone to get CPR training.

In coordination with the New York Fire Department and with the support of the city, she’s making it happen.

Now here’s the great marketing part…

They needed a place to hold the classes. New York Sports Club, a city-wide gym chain (and a client) offered free facilities. And a free week-long pass to the gym for anyone who takes the CPR class.

This is good business:

  • Volunteers bring prospective customers
  • Customer get to see and try the facility
  • There is no sales pressure, so there is no sales resistance
  • It’s a genuine good deed

How can you get a community group to bring new people into your business? (Be sure that your first priority is to serve the community, or this never works.)

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