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When launching in social media, make sure you don’t screw up your website

Ivory Soap recently set up a great Facebook page and is redirecting most of the traffic from over to Facebook.

The problem: They used to have a ton of wonderful content at, including timeless things like patterns and guides for soap carving for artists and little kids:

Ivory Soap Carving Instructions

(Image from Long Island Wood Carvers Association.)

So, when I looked up “soap carving” for our Cub Scout troop, there were hundreds of links back to Ivory’s site. All of that good will and links got flushed down the drain when they took down those pages and sent people to Facebook.

Homepage of Ivory Soap redirects directly to Facebook

Alert on Ivory Soap homepage directing you to Facebook

The lesson: Social media is great — but so is a fantastic website with content that brings people back year after year.

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