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Which social media technology matters most?

Guess what? The technology doesn’t matter at all.

Why? It’s the message, not the medium. Here’s what works:

1. Find your fans. Find those people who love to talk about you.

Figure out where they are talking and what they are talking about. Only then should you take a look at the technologies they use. (There’s an old marketing word for this: “Targeting”)

2. Join the conversation. Participate. Get a few people from your company who can talk and act like normal people (marketer ≠ normal people) and have them jump in and become a part of the community. The more you add, the more you’ll get. Always be ethical and open.

Remember, happy customers are your best ads. It’s about the people and their passion — not the product or platform. Find talkative folks, earn their respect, and they will tell their friends to buy your stuff.

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