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Why are you on my watermelon?


Branding isn’t as hard as you think.

It only takes one simple idea to create a unique brand in the customer’s mind. Example: The Krispy Kreme “Hot Now” sign. Even though all donuts start hot, Krispy Kreme now owns that idea.

Here’s another one: All the watermelons at our local store have this sticker on them.

I emailed, asking what the deal was. The reply:

On 10/6/13 1:40 PM, “Luke Brown” wrote:

The idea of putting a picture on a watermelon is simply that it makes the brand memorable. My grandfather and I are the growers and harvesters. We load our watermelons without bruising them or allowing them to get hot during the shipping process. Therefore, the resulting watermelon arrives at the store in a vine ripened condition; combine the quality we can produce with our marketing approach and that’s a memorable watermelon. Hope it answers your question. Thanks for the comment.

Luke Brown

Now a Luke Brown watermelon is the one and only watermelon brand I can name.

What’s the one extra thing you can to do create a special brand?

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