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Why ASAP makes work suck

This is a post from The Pursuit of Happiness, a blog on happy workplaces and work culture at my company, GasPedal. Check it out for more posts like this every week.

Here at GasPedal, we have functions that each team is responsible for. They’re the recurring things we have to do to keep the business running — things like paying the bills, preparing for an upcoming event, or taking the time to write this post, for example.

They’re important, but they’re not always urgent.

If we’re not careful, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest new project or new “emergency” and the other, everyday stuff suffers. It’s not that the new stuff is actually more important, is just feels more urgent.

Rodrigo Medina did a good job of putting it this way:

The main problem of making everything urgent by default on your organization is that people start loosing sight between the difference of important and urgent, if everything simply gets piled up in the urgent stuff it will always be easier just to do trivial urgent stuff than the actual important things that should be addressed, besides creating an unnecessary permanent state of drama and hysteria which produces people to burn out or that simply constrains them from doing their best work.

Read his full post here.

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