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Why did the white can freak everyone out?

Coke can

Many people got angry about this fun Coke can. (Read: 1 2 3)

Why? Because it looked like a Diet Coke can. You didn’t realize that you were drinking the wrong thing until it was too late. 

There are a few interesting lessons from this:

  1. Testing is important. You need an outside perspective and a fresh look to catch things that your internal team missed.
  2. Complexity is a problem. With hundreds of products, The Coca-Cola Company has so many possible points of confusion that it’s probably very hard to avoid things like this.
  3. Who’s in the middle? When you have lots of products, you need someone in the middle who can take a high-level view. Someone who can catch things missed by people who are deep-focused on a specific product.
  4. People are way too easily annoyed and probably need some rum in their Coke.
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