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Why do I want a $5 flashlight?


One of my favorite magazines sent me a flashlight in the mail. Sorta weird. I guess it was a thank-you gift?

It’s a sophisticated, creative business magazine. It’s odd that they spent 10% of the money I gave them on this.

If you had $5 to spend on your customers, you could do so much more to wow them, thank them, amaze them, or earn their respect. A few ideas:

  • Genuine, hand-written thank you note
  • Donation to charity
  • Gift card for a cup of coffee
  • Gift card for a related product
  • Something they will keep on their desk all year
  • Something they will share, like post-its
  • Calendar that stays on the wall all year
  • Coffee mug that the whole office will see
  • Free issues for them to give a friend
  • Extend their subscription
  • Really awesome special edition
  • Collectable book
  • Bound collection of back issues
  • Reduce the price
  • Thank-you call
  • Chocolate

What would you do if you could send a $5 item to all your customers?

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