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Why do you still have a cheap-looking, homemade website?

It’s amazing to me that companies that will spend $5,000 on a brochure will freak out at the same price for a website that will be seen by 1000x more people.

All of your sales effort, all of your marketing, all of your credibility is wasted when the ready-to-buy prospect sees a cheap site. It makes you look untrustworthy.

Here’s a great example: This company has one of the worst websites in history (please do click, and turn your sound on). But they provide great service and have amazing reviews and happy customers. How many prospects never saw the reviews because they took one look at the site and ran away?

Great advice from Shannon Noack: “It’s a little disconcerting to hear someone say a website should be worth so little money. Your website defines your company and is often the only face people will see. It should certainly put your best foot forward, telling customers what you do in a professional manner, and communicating to them effectively why you deserve their business.” (Read her full post from Six Revisions: Common Misconceptions about Web Designers.)

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