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Why great brands are boring

Resist the urge to change your marketing every month. Don’t change your look, theme, or logo because you’re bored.

Building a brand takes time and consistency. You need to build familiarity for years and years until everyone knows who you are and what you stand for.

Take this advice from M.P. Mueller of branding shop Door Number 3 in the Austin Business Journal:

Newly established brands don’t have the luxury of Geico’s media dollars that enables them to feature a caveman in one ad and a gecko in the next. A startup needs to be consistent all the time, at every turn, and has to commit to a singular voice and a consistent message

The marketing team at Tiffany & Co. may be bored to tears by its signature robin egg-colored box, having to stare at it every day. But its dedication to brand consistency has made that box one of the most recognizable and valuable icons in luxury goods.

P.S. Remember: Your ad agency is not your friend here. They make more money and have more fun when they get to do new stuff for you. It’s not in their interest to tell you to stay the course. (Sort of like a stock broker who wants to churn your account vs. an investment adviser who guides you to hold for the long term.)

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