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Why hasn’t a national gas station chain installed electric car chargers?

History repeats itself:

  • An industry is threatened by technological change
  • Most established leaders ignore it or fight it
  • Sometimes one embraces the future and takes the lead
  • Usually, some new competitor comes out of nowhere and kicks their ass

Electric cars are coming, and one national gas station chain has 12 months to gain a massive victory by installing chargers at all their stations:

  • Stunning PR win
  • A generation of loyalty from electric-car adopters
  • Guaranteed business from operators of electric car fleets
  • Sales in their store and restaurants from people waiting for a charge
  • Insurance against obsolescence

Sadly, no one on this list is likely to take the easy win. They’re going to wake up and find out that a hamburger chain with chargers is the number one place for car owners to refuel.

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