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Why I’m not worried about an energy shortage

Because we’re really smart and we’ll figure it out.

Fast Company reports on amazing uses of piezoelectric surfaces to generate power. After the apocalypse, I’m going to cover my house with them and hold giant parties so my friends’ dancing will recharge my gadgets.

Late last year, Haifa-based Innowattech dug up 33 feet of Israel’s Highway 4 and inserted PE generators 2 inches below the blacktop. If the gizmos were placed under one lane of a busy half-mile stretch (at an estimated cost of $500,000), the company says the generators could create enough energy to meet the needs of 250 homes.

Pavegen Systems’ walkway slabs, which generate a steady 2.1 watt hours when positioned in heavy footfall zones. This summer, clusters of energy-absorbing pads will be installed at a major London transport hub to power lighting and signs.

Read the full story here.

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