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Will you write about me on your blog?

I get asked this several times a day. Sometimes by well-meaning entrepreneurs and authors, sometimes by talentless PR hacks. Here’s what you need to know:

A blogger will only write about you if your stuff makes their blog better.

There is no other reason. If you can’t offer something that meets that criteria, then don’t even ask. Don’t ask about promoting your thing, announcing your thing, or selling your thing. Don’t ask to submit a guest column that is a disguised advertorial.

What works?

  • Information or content that make the blog more interesting
  • Something of value to the readers, like a discount or a download
  • Exclusive information, content, or offers

Asking a blogger to promote you if you can’t offer something of value to the readers is just selfish.

P.S. Any blog that accepts payment or bribes to write about you is a crappy blog that will only attract crappy customers (if any).

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