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Show talkers what their word of mouth means to you

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Your fans love to see how their efforts impact your business. They love to know when their collective ideas make your business better, to see how many people that they introduced to you become customers, and to see how helpful and influential their reviews are.

You could try showing your fans how important their word of mouth is to you by giving them some stats on how much business they’ve helped you earn, or by publishing a list and recognizing your biggest referrers based on how many people they’ve told about you.

How a word of mouth marketing supergenius does it:

To motivate and recognize talkers for their new online Bible-study course, Lifeway Christian Resources created a tell-a-friend page that let fans send an e-card to friends. Talkers were then presented with a map of the world dotted with pins for each country where they sent an e-card.

But not only did the map show where their cards were sent, but also where recipients sent cards. This allowed the initial talkers to literally see how influential they were and how their word of mouth spread the message around the world.

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