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You already have a word of mouth topic

Are you struggling to find the perfect word of mouth marketing topic?  Are you wracking your brain to come up with some crazy concept or wacky viral video?

That sort of thing rarely works, and it’s hard to do.

To find a great word of mouth topic that can go viral—look at what you already do. Your awesome viral topic is probably something you are already doing. You see your stuff every day, and you're probably bored by it. But if you take a step back, look again at your product, you'll find that one awesome feature that is the seed of a great conversation.

Example: Tic Tacs make noise. They make great musical instruments. The company found a 16-year old street musician in Uzbekistan named Micha Albacow who made Tic Tac instruments, gave him a web site, and made him a star.

Take a look at this video.

Check out his web site. (Note the clear disclosure of the corporate sponsorship.)

(Thanks to Jessica Hartstein at Culture-Buzz)

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