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You can make any company remarkable with great service

image sells headsets. Not exactly exciting.

But their customers love them — because of extraordinary, amazing service.

  • When you call they spend as much time as necessary to make sure you get what you need.
  • They know their product.
  • They’re happy to send multiple models to try out.
  • You get multiple follow-ups to make sure you’re happy (by phone and email).
  • Returns and exchanges are handled by real people who discuss how you can get a better-fitting product.
  • ship2009-09Even the shipping department sends you a note to make sure you got the order.

Lesson 1: You could do all of these things.

Lesson 2: Entrepreneurs, you don’t need to create some awesome new invention. You need to learn how to make people happy.  That’s the skill that will make you successful.

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