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You could have made $60, but you were too greedy

We were at a local tourist attraction. Our kids went on a ride. The place took our picture and tried to sell it to us for $10.

Stupid and greedy.

If you gave us the photo, my wife and I would have emailed it to our friends and put it on our Facebook page (with your logo). We have 2,000 friends between us. They have 250,000 friends.

At least one family would have showed up and bought 4 tickets at $15 each. Probably many more would have.

You could have made at least $60 from my friends. You would have paid $1 per thousand impressions for targeted advertising to my friends (another $250).

Instead of trying to make a quick buck, make it easy for your fans to talk about you.

Imagine if they gave a free photo to the 1,000 families that visited every day…

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