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You have to give them a story to tell

devilscutIf you want someone to tell their friends about your product, you have to give them something to say. This is what we call a word of mouth topic — the thing that gets repeated.

A great example: A new whiskey called Jim Beam Devil’s Cut. (Disclaimer: They are a client. But they had me at “can we send you a free bottle of whiskey?”) It comes with a story, about how it’s made from the extra-special whiskey that is soaked into the wood of the barrels and squeezed out after the regular whiskey is bottled.

A few friends were over, we drank it (it was tasty) — but more important, within minutes, everyone knew the story. And people who hadn’t heard of the brand an hour ago were repeating the story to latecomers.

The new CMO of Beam Global, Kevin George, calls this “simple connoisseurship,” in a great story in BrandChannel:

It is the concept that the average person “just wants a little snippet or a little quick story that makes them seem like they know what they’re talking about” when they are sharing a drink with friends, he says. (Read the full story here.)

What is your story? What would your customer tell a friend about you over a drink?

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