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You need a simply unusual name

In a world where most shopping starts with a search engine, it’s a big disadvantage to be un-findable.

  • Does Shure outsell Etymotic because no one can spell Etymotic? I own and like both kinds of earphones, but I rarely refer Ety because I can’t spell it.
  • Do the Jewel, Shoppers, and Lucky grocery chains get less search traffic because they have common-word names?  It’s easier to find Kroger and Brookshire.
  • Does Andy Sernovitz get more referrals than social media expert Peter Kim because there are few more Kims than Sernovitzs out there?

When you’re thinking about a name for your business, you want something that is:

  1. Different enough that you’re the only one
  2. Simple enough that everyone can say and spell it
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