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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #103

When Not To Mail
Issue # 103

1> If You Are Busy, They Are Busy
2> Cheap-o Research
3> Test, Test, Test

1> If You Are Busy, They Are Busy

Never send email at the end of the business day, especially on Fridays. At the end of the week, you’re probably rushing to finish that last email and get it out the door so you can enjoy the weekend. So is everyone else. Newsletters and promotions pile up in readers’ inboxes. Unfortunately, those readers are also trying to get out of the office, so they are deleting email as fast as they can. You might as well wait until Monday.

2> Cheap-o Research

Avoiding inbox clutter is essential. You don’t want to send mail at the same time as your competitors, or when spammers are stuffing the inbox. Unfortunately, every time an expert declares a day or time is good to send email, every marketer blasts it out then. Create seven folders in your email program, and label them for each day of the week. Instead of deleting your junk mail, drag it all into those folders. By the end of the week, you’ll have a great overview of who’s emailing what, when.

3> Test, Test, Test

Email is perfect for testing. Instead of trying to guess when is the best time to send your promotion, try this easy test: Divide your list into 10 parts, send the same message at 10 times throughout the week. Track which gets the best response. It’s easy to do, and even a 1% jump in response makes a serious dent in the bottom line. Repeat this test every three months.

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