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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #115

Don’t Email This Stuff
Issue # 115

1> News About Yourself
2> Apologies For Mistakes
3> Messages About The List

1> News About Yourself

Your mama tried to tell you. We’re reminding you: No one wants to hear you talk about yourself. They don’t care about your latest press release, new hires, or partner-of-the-week. Your email messages should always be focused on the reader’s interests and needs. Keep the focus on them and they’ll let you mail week after week (including a tasteful promotion or two). Talk about yourself too much, and they’ll unsubscribe every time.

2> Apologies For Mistakes

We all make mistakes, such as sending the wrong mailing or mixing up the personalization in our messages. When this happens to you, just let it pass. Do not send a message to your entire list pointing out the mistake. Most of them never noticed in the first place (so you end up advertising the problem). The rest don’t care (but they do care about getting unnecessary email). If you feel a need to fix it, put a small note at the end of your next regularly scheduled mailing.

3> Messages About The List

Everyone hates getting special emails from an email publisher, talking about when the next issue of the newsletter is coming out. Don’t ever send special notices such as “our newsletter is coming out next week” or “keep an eye on your inbox.” We all get too much email, and we don’t need extra messages that don’t offer real value. When you send these extra notes, you will lose both readers and credibility.

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