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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #107

Great Subscribe Forms
Issue # 107

1> Stick To Short Subscribe Forms
2> Promote Your Privacy Policy
3> Make It Sound Fantastic!

1> Stick To Short Subscribe Forms

Stop asking so many questions in your email sign up forms. Every extra question you ask drives away new readers. Yes, we know you want to capture more information — but you get nothing at all if they leave your web page without giving you at least an email address. Long subscribe forms are the #1 obstacle to building a big email list. For the best possible results just ask for the email address. You can ask for the rest later.

2> Promote Your Privacy Policy

Instantly increase your sign-up rate by mentioning the word “privacy” on your email subscribe form. Everyone is skittish about giving their email address — but seeing that word does wonders for reassuring people. Use a blurb like “We respect your privacy” or “We will not give out your email address.” Link it to your privacy page. No one ever clicks on the link, but knowing that it is there can give you a 5%-10% jump in your signup rate. It works best if you put it at the start of the form or right before the “submit” button. If you don’t have much room, the single word “privacy” and a link will do the trick.

3> Make It Sound Fantastic!

Nobody wants to sign up for your “special offers” and “announcements” — there’s already way too much garbage in their inbox. Make your email list sound valuable, interesting, and worth the reader’s time. Create convincing,  compelling reasons to subscribe. Use strong benefits, fun adjectives, and active verbs. We like: Save Money, Save Time, Learn More, Be The First To Know, Smart, Free, Essential, Inside Information, and so on.

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