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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #112

Don’t Forget To Promote Yourself
Issue # 112

1> Tell Them What You Do
2> Cross-Promote Your Other Offers
3> How To Self-Promote Tastefully

1> Tell Them What You Do

People who aren’t already your customers are going to get your newsletter. Don’t waste the opportunity. Somewhere in your newsletter should be your complete boilerplate or elevator pitch. Introduce yourself to the new folks on your list. Word-of-mouth subscribers may join and have no idea who you are or what you do. And reminding your current customers of your mission and goals never hurts. Telling them every single issue is how you create and shape your brand. You control your image in your own newsletter — use the opportunity.

2> Cross-Promote Your Other Offers

Fill your newsletter with small ads and promos for everything else your company does. Include links to upcoming events, offers for other newsletters, white papers, or anything else that you do that may be of interest to your subscribers. Even a little link in an email can draw attention to products or services that would otherwise remain buried deep in your web site. The point of your newsletter is to sell yourself — don’t miss those little opportunities.

3> How To Self-Promote Tastefully

No one wants to read articles about you or what you are doing. A newsletter full of press releases will always get deleted. But, if you have an interesting newsletter, you can put plenty of self-promoting ads in it. Put ads in a sidebar, put banners between stories, and link to your web site everywhere. You can put as much text about your company as you’d like at the bottom of the email — after the interesting parts. Just look at any newspaper. As long as the stories are on the front page, we don’t mind the ads on the inside.

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