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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #104

Where To Ask For Email Addresses
Issue # 104

1> Always On The Home Page
2> One Click Away
3> Every List In Every Form

1> Always On The Home Page

Put the sign-up form for your email lists right on your home page, at the top left or right. Nothing is more important on a home page, because nothing will build your lists faster. Think about it — you did a lot of expensive marketing to get them to your site. If they leave without signing up for the email, you’re going to have to do that marketing all over again to get another visit. Get them to give you an email address and permission, and you can reach out with an email and invite them back to your site again and again.

2> One Click Away

People only sign up for email newsletters if it’s quick and easy. Make them hunt around for a sign-up form and you’re going to lose them. Make sure that when someone is surfing your site, they are always one click away from an email sign-up form. Add “free email newsletter” to every navigation bar and menu. Even better, put a live form in the footer of every page. Remember: If they can’t see it, they won’t use it.

3> Every List In Every Form

Every form on your web site should have a check box to sign up for every one of your email lists. Why? Because if someone is already taking the time to fill out a form, they almost always check one or more email sign-up boxes. This is a sure-thing source of quality subscribers. Best of all, if you offer more lists, they check more boxes.

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