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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #120

Encouraging Reader Participation

Issue # 120

1> Surveys Attract Subscribers
2> Recognize Your Readers
3> Focus on Feedback

1> Surveys Attract Subscribers

People like to be heard, so put a survey in your newsletter. Readers respond eagerly. Even better, they will stay on the list to see the results in the following issue. As a bonus, your survey results might make a great press release or white paper. Silly surveys work as well as serious ones.

2> Recognize Your Readers

People like to see their name in print — just ask them. Readers will gladly send in stories and story ideas if you promise to mention their name if the idea is used. Put up a form on your site to capture the feedback. And don’t promise to respond to every idea personally; you are likely to get more responses than you can handle.

3> Focus on Feedback

People like to tell you what they think, so make it easy for them to give you their opinion. It’s the only way you’ll ever find out if your newsletter is any good — or if it needs serious help. Be sure to offer an email address in your newsletter for contacting the editor and a form on your web site for comments. You’re better off getting a grouchy letter than losing a subscriber.

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