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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #105

Welcome Messages
Issue # 105

1> Send A Welcome Email
2> Improve The Relationship
3> Should You Use Double Opt-In?

1> Send A Welcome Email

Every time you get a new subscriber, send a welcome message immediately. They should get it in just a few seconds. Why? It reminds them that they signed up so they will recognize your future messages when they come (and so they don’t accuse you of spam). This increased awareness improves future open rates and response rates because your email gets noticed in a crowded inbox. To increase recognition, try to make your welcome message look exactly the future messages they will receive. And don’t forget to say “thank you.”

2> Improve The Relationship

Use your welcome message to take the relationship to the next level. This is an opportunity sell the benefits of your company. Ideas: Include your sales boilerplate; offer a special “thank you for subscribing” coupon; include featured links to your web site; or ask them to forward the message to a friend. You can also gather additional demographic information by including a link to a short survey (offer an incentive to complete the survey). Best of all, include promotions for related email lists — they signed up for one; you’ll get them for the others.

3> Should You Use Double Opt In?

“Double opt-in” is when you send an email to a new subscriber, asking them to click on a link to confirm their subscription. The theory is that it reduces spam complaints by guaranteeing a voluntary, conscious decision to sign up — however, you might lose subscribers who don’t complete the confirmation process. Our advice is to skip it. Instead, do an honest evaluation of your sign-up process and make sure it is straight up and clear, with no hidden boxes that need to be unchecked. You only want eager, willing subscribers, so there shouldn’t be a gray area that requires confirmation.

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