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You Can be an Email Marketing Supergenius #212

#2.12: The “Increasing Clicks” Issue

Advertisers want to know your click-rate. Are you gonna be embarrassed when you tell them?
1> Monitor and Purge
2> Consolidate and Conquer
3> Make it Look Live

1> Monitor and Purge

A huge list filled with unresponsive readers is worthless. Track the readers that have opened and responded to your mailings. If you have a large group of subscribers that haven’t opened for months, get rid of them. Your list size will shrink, but your click and open rates will skyrocket.

2> Off-the-Page Printing

Statistics show that using the same ad multiple times within an email is more effective than having a plethora of different ads. By using only one ad, you focus the readers’ attention and greatly increase the chances of a click.

3> Make it Look Live

Make links obvious to increase click rates. If your reader doesn’t know that something is a link, they aren’t going to click on it. Try adding text links next to images for increased clicks. Use strong verbs, like “visit this site.” Don’t let your designer remove underlines from links — we’re all trained to click on them. Readers can’t click, what they can’t see.

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